Wildlife Center of Virginia
Call Logging App

As part of one of my last projects in college, I was on a team with four other incredibly talented designers and developers to create an application for the Wildlife Center of Virginia.  Chris and I went to the Wildlife Center to discuss their needs and what they would benefit from the most in an application.  We found that their system for taking phone calls was done entirely on paper – we thought we could make work easier for everyone working the front desk by making an app for that.

We asked if we could have one of the sheets that was currently being used, so that we could build the application to fit the current process.  In order to keep things organized and quick, the most important information had already been broken down into categories and could just be circled on the sheet – saves time and effort.  We wanted to make our application as much as like this as possible, so we came up with a solution that had a simple call entry form, but also some more advanced options depending on how detailed you wanted to be in searching through previous records.

Home Screen


Call Entry Page



Team Members

Mark Adkins

Chris Brown

Kuk Joo

Francis Malone


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