AeroEd started out as a project for my Advanced Interactive Web class my senior year in college (SMAD 404 – yes an Advanced Web class with a course number of 404…)

Anyway, I am an absolute geek about all things space – if you don’t know that about me yet, you’ll figure it out soon.  I was given a good bit of freedom with this project and decided to take it a direction that I was personally extremely interested in.  I would always think to myself how cool it would be to be seeing what Mission Control is seeing during a spacecraft launch.  While this does not come close to having everything Houston would be watching, it could tell you the weather conditions of the launch site.

The stipulation for me being able to take this project in the direction I wanted, was that it had to be powered by AngularJS (this was an Interactive Web course).  So just to make it that much cooler, this isn’t just a design I thought would be cool to see implemented some day, this design evolved into a working application powered by the OpenWeatherMap API.  It parses NASA’s launch schedule for data associated with the next launch.  If it is within two hours from launch, the application even shows a live feed (courtesy of NASA TV).  You might be thinking “Okay, there is this application that shows me the next launch and a live stream from the launch complex, but where do the weather API and fancy indicators come in?” – I’m glad you asked!  The app runs live weather data from OpenWeatherMap against the Launch Commit Criteria for the specific rocket launching.  It doesn’t include all rockets yet, but it can distinguish the specific criteria for a SpaceX launch and a Russian Soyuz launch.  If the weather variables are within the “safe” range in the launch commit criteria, it will result in a “Go” prediction, otherwise “Go” will fade out and “Scrub” will appear.

I personally find this very interesting so I have devoted a significant amount of time to it lately.  If you have any suggestions on things to add, design, et cetera please let me know!


Initial Wireframe


Final Mockup


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